Dear Folks,

Many have expressed interest in my dental mission trip from last week, sponsored by ServingHim (started by a Dallas dentist in 1998). For those that have an interest, here is a brief summary:

Our team of 15 was the last of 7 teams visiting Braila, Romania this year.

The communists pulled out of the country in 1989, leaving the country in dire straits economically. The basic family unit is in jeopardy, with unemployment pushing 30 % in the area, and family heads leaving the country for work. Human trafficking and government corruption is widespread, yet the people are remarkably optimistic about freedom and trying to undo the scourge of dictatorship. It was my 2nd time to go, and it was great to renew overseas relationships. Our mission was to bring much needed first class dentistry to underserved and financially devastated people, as well as to introduce them to a different way of life from their Greek Orthodox religion. For more info on the organization, go to the following website and then click on the lower left picture to see the still photos (Sept. 2010 photos–some are hilarious):

It is my firm belief that each one of us has skills that can and should be shared in some sort of service to others. This is very important for a balanced life and basic sound mental health. Regardless of any religious affiliation, service to others is just plain healthy.

Below are some video links on youtube, courtesy of my friend Rachel (these young folks are good with technology). Much of the Romanian music you will hear later in the videos is by a new young lady associated with the Diaconia Medical/ Dental clinic, Eliza Pirosca, who is currently studying music in the US, but writes and vocalizes much of her own music, plays the violin, guitar, piano, et al., and is very impressive as a young Romanian trying to better herself in remarkably challenging circumstances. Here are the first two links (Part 1 and 2), and there are 3 others (parts 3-5) if you are interested:

There are some very cute clips of the children, and I know some of you will definitely enjoy that part. I know many of you are quite busy, but some of this is quite heartwarming, and a good break from the daily grind.

Cheers, Dan