Is your loose denture causing you to:

  • Miss out on life’s simplest pleasures?
  • Miss eating your favorite foods?
  • Be afraid to laugh, smile or speak in public?

Dr. Daggula can place mini implants so you can LAUGH, TALK, LIVE with comfort and confidence! Dental implants have become a favored way to replace missing teeth. Acting as a substitute tooth root, implants bond with the bone to form a stable foundation for supporting your denture. The dental implant actually helps preserve the bone by providing the stimulation that was previously provided by the natural tooth roots. This helps maintain the integrity of facial structures.

This dental implant therapy can provide immediate improvement for many patients wearing dentures at an affordable cost. Placement of the implants is accomplished quickly and easily in a process performed in our office, with local anesthesia. Afterwards you can have the quality of life and confidence that long term denture stability brings.

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